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Empowering Change, Accelerating Progress

Welcome to Catalyst, the premier destination where Charley offers professionalism, elite training, and unwavering support to drive athletes towards excellence and breakthroughs. With a strong emphasis on empowering athletes to believe in themselves and personalized training programs, Catalyst becomes the key to unlocking true potential and attaining remarkable success. Book with Charley today and witness how you can progress your athleticism. 

personal soccer training charley kale

One-On-One Technical Work

 Our one-on-one skill sessions offer a tailored experience, allowing players to develop skills that align with their unique goals, whether it's before, during, or after the season. Charley ensures that each player receives the attention and guidance necessary to refine their abilities. 

Group sessions

Unleash your soccer potential in a collaborative environment at Catalyst. Join others who are dedicated to improving their skills and work together to elevate your game. Experience the power of collective growth as you challenge yourself and achieve new levels of proficiency. 

Athletic/Strength Coaching 

Elevate your athletic performance with personalized strength coaching at Catalyst. Charley designs tailored programs to help you achieve your goals, focusing on technique, form, and progression. 

catalyst personal soccer training

"I really enjoyed working with Charley. She brought the best out in me as a player and a person. She helped me to build confidence in certain areas of play that really helped me improve my performance. Her training is very affective and she is an amazing person to work with. "

- Emerson High School Soccer

personal soccer training

"My name is Rielle and I’m 9 years old. I trained with Charley in her one-on-one program and it was amazing! Charley is really patient and she helps me improve my skills every time we train. I’ve learned so much and we have so much fun. I definitely recommend Charley’s one-on-one program to anyone who wants to get better at soccer!”

- Rielle Soccer Player

personal soccer training

“Charley was my teammate for 4 years at the University of Akron. She is and has always been passionate player, encourager, and educator of the game. I spent many of my summer/winter breaks in Akron with Charley where she planned and lead our trainings that always kept me sharp, improving my skills for the incoming season. I can’t recommend her enough as a trainer and person.”

- Sydney Worthy D1 Soccer 


personal soccer training
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