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Empowering Change

Accelerating Progress

At Catalyst, Charley believes that sports have the power to change lives. As a former D1 and Professional female soccer player Charley wants to inspire and create change in the athletic community through elite training, and providing knowledge. She believes every player has the opportunity to develop physical, mental, and emotional skills through sports training. Charley is beyond committed to providing specific training for individuals based on skills, position and personal goals.





Charley Kale, a Toledo local and Professional Athlete with a Division 1 background, is the dedicated founder of Catalyst, embodying a strong work ethic and unwavering commitment.

"Growing up in Toledo and being deeply involved in the local soccer community, I feel a strong connection to the sports scene here in Northwest Ohio. As a former player for Pacesetter, a Division One athlete, and a Professional player, I believe I can make a significant impact in our athletic community. Whenever I return home for the summer, I struggled to find a trainer who could truly help me elevate my skills and take me to the next level. This led me to train alone or assist others who were seeking guidance to push their boundaries and see progress. It is this personal experience that has motivated me to create a community where athletes can be confident in their overall improvement."

Soccer Career:

  • Pacesetter Soccer Club 

    • Captain: 8 years

  • Southview Soccer

    • Captain: 2 years

    • Four Year Varsity

    • ALL NLL First Team 

  • University of Akron D1

    • Continuous Starter 

    • Captain: 2 years 

  • Professional Soccer Player Israel Emek Hefer

    • Captain


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