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At Catalyst, we ignite your potential and elevate your game through our diverse range of services. Whether you are looking for personal soccer trainings, engaging group sessions, personalized conditioning or sport career talks, Charley has it covered. 

Ready For The Challenge?

Unlocking Potential With A Coach Who Has Walked The Path

As an active coach and player, Charley understands the key factors for success and improvement, both on and off the court. Her holistic approach addresses physical, mental, and team dynamics, allowing athletes to develop well-rounded skills and excel in all aspects of their athletic journey.

personal soccer training charley kale

Prioritizing Mindset and Technique Above All

personal soccer training charley kale

At Catalyst, Charley emphasizes the significance of mentality and technique above all else. She understands that developing a strong mindset and mastering fundamental techniques are crucial steps toward becoming an exceptional athlete. Our coaching and training programs are specifically designed to cultivate these essential foundations, empowering athletes to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable results.


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